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We offer consultancy and technical analysis across multiple domains in the software industry. Our team has experience with the entire technical stack from hardware to cloud to the browser. Don't fit into these boxes? Get in touch and we'll put you in contact with someone free of charge.

Foundry iconCore Values

Community First

Our aim is technical excellence and the furthering of the industry. We put Open Source first, utilising the immense power in the community to build fast, reliable software for humanity. If the idea of cutting edge solutions leveraging and supporting Open Source communities excites you, we'd love to talk. Get in touch.

Quality Engineering

Often, the best software is the code you never notice. It doesn't crash, it doesn't drop out. It just works. We pick the tools that just work, which means no expensive maintenance plan, and no need to call out one of our engineers at 3am to diagnose a buggy service. This is why we are constantly investing in new technologies such as Rust to keep ahead of the curve.

Happy People

Happy people make the best code. That is why we allow our engineers to spend 20% of their time exploring their own interests at work. That way, you know that the people doing the job are personally interested in seeing it succeed, because they want to be there. Simple.

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We're always looking for good people. If you want to work flexibly on the cutting edge send us a message.

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